We have the inexhaustible desire to create high impact moments that bring people together.

Our hearts start racing when we see the audience in immense joy and physical expression. We strive to connect souls and energies through moments of magic.

Magical moments like these can only be created by smart teamwork. That’s why we work in smart collaboration with our clients. Creative innovation is the engine behind our work and how we develop the canvas upon which together we can tell your story. To get the best out of each project we’re surrounded by a global community of the most talented professionals in all disciplines: concept developers, designers, interactive technology developers and show directors. This is how we create outstanding imagineering concepts that are durable, have a big impact, tell a story and are workable at the same time.

Although our work is not limited by borders, we are proud of our Dutch roots: reliability, efficiency, forward thinking, 24/7 customer care, high level quality and professional know how.

By pushing boundaries we’re living the outstanding experiences we pioneered for many years in the entertainment industry. Our hunger for exceptional experiences will never fade. Whether it’s a concert, festival, theater, sports event or a public space: we live for those moments of magic in the crowd.

That’s why we love to make it happen!


We add value as a one-stop-shop, orchestrating everything from idea to realisation. But we’re also happy to be your specialist in one single domain.


Where ideas become durable concepts, providing consistency in visual output.

+ Concept & Storytelling
+ Brand & visual identity


Multiple disciplines work together, pushing the boundaries in design and production.

+ Set design
+ Motion graphics


Magic in the crowed arises in a well-balanced and perfectly timed show. The moment where all disciplines come together and latest innovative software is used to ensure sync.

+ Creative direction
+ Show direction
+ Software (Timecode)