The biggest and first DJ solo show ever in the Amsterdam ArenA

A new form of entertainment where music, dance, theater, acrobatics blend together in jaw dropping four-hour show.

The concept of ‘Armin Only’ was born out of his desire to play longer sets and have more control over the atmosphere of the night. For ‘The Best of Armin Only’, Armin presented his best hits and special guest performances to celebrate his never ending passion for music. A climax of the first twenty years of Armin’s extraordinary career.

Because of the enormous amount of show elements and live acts, making a simple stage would do no justice. Stage design and show design were developed in harmony and at an equal pace. That means that while the show was shaping up, the stage was designed in perfect marriage with it. To make this equal development work, we started working from the inside out. So, we took off designing the center stage and several suspended bridges which formed Armin’s signature A-logo. We mirrored that in the roof, where an immense light grid shaped the same A. The last addition was Armin’s stage and the immense LED screen behind him.

With livestreams on, Facebook and Dutch television, the show reached almost 5 million fans, next to the 40,000 in the sold-out stadium. Armin showed the world that he still is the king of trance.

concept / set design / motion graphics / show production

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