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on Aug 27

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The Flying Dutch concept focuses on music, and everything this entails. Art, fashion and other means of creative expression are an integral part of music and the creative industry in general. A universal language through which people express their feelings and share them with others. Celebrating our international heroes in music will be The Flying Dutch’s primary objective. The Flying Dutch design, look, feel and non-verbal external communication will convey art and fashion elements on a subliminal level.

The Flying Dutch is the branded proof that Dutch creatives (in every sense of the word) will conquer the world. Young, talented and aspiring creatives inspire people by sharing their creativity and joy. Established Dutch International artists collaborate in their mission to share Dutch creativity with the rest of the world.


For each city, the design and write my essays artwork is translated in one giant piece of art in the color which the location embodies. Red for Amsterdam, White for Eindhoven and Blue for Rotterdam, together shaping the Dutch National flag.

Amsterdam is expressed through the signature architecture from the canal houses, combined with the raw look and feel of metal, scaffolding and technology, creating a two-layer stage with a contrast between decor and show elements.


Eindhoven is expressed through raw and industrial elements, blending in with the surrounding building and slowly evolving to a massive polygonal structure surrounding the center triangle logo of The Flying Dutch.


Rotterdam is expressed through one iconic and historical shape representing the city and one of its strong functionalities, a gigantic ship with the Flying Dutch Logo as its masts and alternating its cubistic structure with large video panels.



Each city had a unique show, as part of a overal show concept across cities. For each show, the team engaged in a co-creation session with each performing artist to ensure each artist had a distinguishable show expressing their identity and quality within the barriers of The Flying Dutch.

In addition, the show is set-up as a graduate build-up throughout the day, ending with a spectacular closing through completely synced freestyle tracks of each artist by using the 250K & Haute Technique ‘Timecode Network System’.

Each city had its own different closing show, using different elements for video, lighting and pyrotechniques, but still creating a coherent feel and style between the three cities.

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